Music Code by sonic(K)

I realized recently that a sonic(K) repository on Github was not the best way to share my Sonic Pi code. So I’ve rearranged things and moved the coding examples to my gists area.

Each gist contains the code in a text file and references the corresponding audio file on Sound Cloud.


Oh! Good luck in the new year!


Love at First Listen

I love music. I make music. I listen to a lot of music. And I’m tired of hearing the derivative crap the commercial music industry generally has on offer. So it’s great to hear something that instantly grabs and engages your attention with some incredible musicianship thrown in for good measure.

CDBaby is a good place to find new music but sometimes it’s hard to find stuff that you really like. I’d heard about a Canadian band called Drums and Wires which I’d actually discovered accidentally via Beef Donut on the CBC 3 website.

These guys are great!: Joel Klaverkamp (laptop, keys and vocals); Jason Banman (drums, samples, vocals); Matthew Lawrence (percussion); and Mark Penner (guitars). The music is a fantastic upbeat groove, with nice electronic flavouring, and solid riffs.

So back to CDBaby. D&W have released their new disc which you should go order right now! And so I go to CDB to order my copy. But, you know I don’t wanna just buy one disc. It seems inefficient somehow. So I started looking around to see what else might be worth grabbing.

This is when I stumbled upon another great ‘love at first listen band’: 2=3. This L.A. band released their six song EP in 2006 that is, well: too short! This is a truly rewarding disc which will instantly become a regular in your player. Just can’t get enough.

There’s an interesting mix of musical interactions going on here with a very relaxed groove that I bet would be awesome to experience live. I can hear the extended jams that are just begging to burst out of this EP. The musicians are: Cepheus Strachan aka Psi-Phi (guitars, vocals); Rey Thorne (bass, keys, vocals); and Dustin Prince (drums). There’s not much info available on the band nor the individuals involved, although it is difficult to get good results searching for 2=3.

Prince shows up on a few bands including another L.A. band called Lobate Scarp which sounds progressively promising.

Looking around for more info and hope to hear more from both of these great bands. Thank you CDBaby!!

Phil Collins is Retiring

Saw this in the MOG Gazette and after a “semi-climatic, 30 year career” it shouldn’t really be all that surprising. What is surprising is that I found myself noticing, and following the link. Phil Collins has essentially been off my radar for years. The whole post-Gabriel/pop Genesis band did nothing for me and PC’s solo stuff just wasn’t all that interesting.

But it’s his contributions as the drummer on the early Genesis albums that I remember. You know, the classics like Nursery Cryme (1971), Foxtrot (1972), Selling England By The Pound (1973) and The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974). His tasty hi-hat and sweet little technical licks provided a fantastic orchestral layer in those brilliant pieces of musical theatre. Such an incredible dynamic range both live and in the studio.

Once Phil stepped out from behind the kit the percussive sheen lost its lustre (although Trick of the Tail (1976) certainly has its moments). The closest I came to seeing Genesis in these early days was vicariously through The Musical Box, a Genesis tribute band that have got the classics absolutely nailed, complete with vintage equipment and theatrics. So enjoy your retirement Phil and go back and spin those early discs and maybe some Brand X for good measure!