Tools of Our Tools

I spent most of the weekend installing and then tweaking Kubuntu on my Toshiba laptop.  A lot of tweaking time.  I seemed to have forgotten that it’s taken me years to get M$ Windoze to work in a way that is relatively satisfactory. Then there are the ‘little’ things that needed adjusting like, you know:  getting the wireless to work; figuring out how to install software (aka packages); finding and accessing the docs that live on my Windoze partition; setting up Firefox so that it feels familiar again (not all the add-ons are available for example); then trying to figure out why fonts and things seem to look so, well, crappy; etc.  Many an hour gobbled up reminding me that, as Thoreau said (and I recently read in David Weinberger’s, Small Pieces Loosley Joined), we are indeed the ‘tools of our tools’.

So cycling in this morning I was trying to remind myself why I wanted to use Linux in the first place.  Is it solving problems or creating them?  Should I install an Apache server?  Create Ruby-on-Rails executables?  Early days.  It’ll come to me I’m sure.