No Shortage: The Video

Hard to believe it’s been nine years since Silent K released the critically unacclaimed No Shortage EP (a second CD is in the works but finding the time to master and pull it all together has been difficult). One thing I had always meant to do was create some visuals to go along with the title track.  I’ve been playing around with the Windows Live Movie Maker software and thought I’d give it a go.

And here are the results; my first music video:  No Shortage

No Shortage


This piece suggests movement and/or travelling to me. I had visions of a car kicking up some dust on an unpaved country road framed by large oak trees. I didn’t have anything like that handy so instead I used three short vignettes that I’d shot in the past:  a subway arriving at the platform; some highway traffic at night filmed from the backseat of a car; and a goofy section of me entering the house with the camera looking down at my feet.  

The videos have been cut up and looped in ways that hopefully reinforce the musical structure. I used various cartoony settings and adjusted the brightness levels to get some slight variation in the looped presentations, mostly transitioning from lighter to darker scenes.

For a long weekend experiment I think it’s turned out pretty well … 

If you are inclined to give it a watch I hope you let me know what you think.

Thanks for listening!


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