Some Pics from the Law via the Internet Conference

So I’m down in Ithaca attending the Law via the Internet congference. It’s a beautiful little city surrounding Cornell University and nestled against Cayuga Lake. It being October the leaves are starting to change colour which provides some wonderful vistas.

I’m essentially following Track 5 which is focused on Data Organization and Legal Informatics. Here are some shots of the speakers I had an opportunity to hear today.

Richard Susskind

Richard Susskind delivering this morning’s opening plenary at the Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts

Mr. Susskind delivered a talk almost identical to the one he gave at AALL in Boston this past summer. Still good to hear it again. Although, as my colleague Louis Mirando noted, he did not mention his view that, “Law schools have always been on the cutting edge of tradition.” 🙂

After the plenary we trooped over to Myron Taylor Hall crossing “the gorge” with this wonderful view from the bridge:

View from the bridge over “the gorge” at Cornell University.

Beautiful fall colours.

I then heard Anurag Acharya, the founding engineer for Google Scholar talk about how they are providing access to U.S. case law. Very interesting, but still wondering how they define “significance” without any reference to a classification structure.

Anurag Acharya

Anurag Acharya talking about legal search and Google Scholar.

After lunch I heard Phillipe Grand’Maison and Daniel Poulin talk about statistical analysis of Supreme Court of Canada decisions and the idea of the “half-life” of a digital document.

Daniel Poulin

Daniel Poulin discussing statistical perspective of SCC decisions.

I then enjoyed Philip Chung from AustLII talk about citation searching in a session provocatively titled, “Searching Without Search Terms.”

Philip Chung

Philip Chung, one of the AustLII developers.

And the last session was delivered by Enrico Francesconi from the Institute of Theory and Techniques of Legal Information. A fascinating talk on the impact of semantic web technology on legal information.

Enrico Francesconi

Enrico Francesconi talking about legal information and the semantic web.

A great first day at LVI 2012. Looking forward to tomorrow!


One thought on “Some Pics from the Law via the Internet Conference

  1. Darrel Pink says:

    I am jealous!!

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