Sophistication of Library Resource Description Structures

This is a provacitive statement by Ronald J. Murray writing with Barbara Tillett in their paper, “Cataloging Theory in Search of Graph Theory and Other Ivory Towers“:

“… library resource description structures — when teased out of their book and card and digital catalog implementations and treated as graphs — are arguably more sophisticated than those being explored in the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Library Linked Data initiative.”

Murray explores this idea in a series of presentation slides he’s posted on SlideShare.


One thought on “Sophistication of Library Resource Description Structures

  1. Ron Murray says:

    For an example of structures embedded in existing library information systems see the “Pippi Longstocking” slide sequence at:

    (The shows – a bit epic in size and scope – are best downloaded and treated like a flipbook)

    Start with slide# 205. For an introduction to the diagramming conventions, start at slide# 166.

    The Pippi diagram shows what all that cross-referencing/linking is “for.” This view is in contrast to typical catalog views that provide lists of elements extracted from such networks. If one had a good memory for holding in mind things built up a few pieces at a time (architects?), they might generate a view like “Pippi.” For those of us who can’t do that on demand, we need “paper tools.”

    Questions? Contact me at

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