It’s been a long time since I’ve been to this space. Almost surprised it’s still here … 🙂

I’ve been exploring the Soundcloud a bit today. I’ve been following them on Twitter but haven’t had a chance to venture inside yet. Seems like a pretty good arangement. The server is situated in Berlin which is different from the usual U.S. based sites and therefore might attract a broader listener base.

The free account provides 2 hours of free time to host your music, DJ sets, work in progress, loops, and other sounds that you might want to share with the cloud. I’ve just now put up a few of my older tracks on Soundcloud; I’ve still got bits and pieces of things on Noisehead, MySpace, CD Baby but there are a couple of tracks here that I don’t think I’ve put up anywhere else.

The Jam, for example, is an interesting one that I haven’t listened to for quite a while. I remember recording it though. It’s an improvisatory exercise finding inspiration from within itself. Kind of an overlapping musical narrative that continuosly feeds off of each musical thread suggesting new directions as the piece proceeds. I like it. Hope you’ll give it a listen and maybe leave me a comment or two.


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