Organizing Blogs by Subject — Yahoo Pipes and Wizz Reader

I’ve been playing with Yahoo Pipes for a while now. It’s a fairly straight forward and customizable RSS aggregator. One thing I really like about it is that you can collect a bunch of blog feeds and then display them chronologically. This sets them free from their respective blogs which sets me free from having to click on each blog to see what’s up.

One Pipe I’ve created is dedicated to Library & Technology blogs. It collects posts from 42 blogs and serves them up. But I’m not terribly happy with the Yahoo display. I could grab the RSS and get at it through my browser, but I have to remember to check that. I tried one of those RSS to HTML sites to try and set my various subject collections up in an HTML table, but the display was unpredictable, and well, just not all that great to look at.

Then I discovered the Wizz RSS News Reader extension for Firefox and I think this does the trick. Now I can see all of my subject collections freed from their original blogs all from the comfort of my browser. I sense this might be ‘the hard way’ but it’s working for me. You can check out my selected pipes under Selected Blogs on the right there.


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